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Hide & Seed is a new restaurant and bar launching in Putney in March. Featuring a creative menu, Hide & Seed will offer locals and visitors something that is lacking in the area – a stylish space for cutting edge food and cocktails. 

Hide & Seed’s food will centre on flavoursome game, fresh fish, and vegetables grown on the hotel’s own farm, pairing bold produce with subtle flavours. The result is a menu that revives forgotten or overlooked ingredients with inventive dishes. 

Creative and talented, Head Chef Ricardo Soares has taken elements of his Portuguese heritage and blended them with techniques learnt from his 15 years in London kitchens and the latest trends found through networking and social media. Hide and Seed’s dishes are perfectly balanced and burst with freshness, as attention is lavished equally on vegetables and plants as it is on meat and fish.

Featuring a curved textured granite bar, antique mirrors, animal hides and beautiful glassware, the bar at Hide & Seed will be an elegant space that offers guests garden fresh cocktails and a thoughtful wine list. Created using fresh berries, herbs, flowers and quality spirits, the cocktails are lively and refreshing. 

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