Bespoke Hotels

The Lodge Hotel London is proud to be a member of “bespoke” Hotels.

Bespoke Hotels recommends a selection of unique hotels for everyone, but with a common factor: great service, a flair for hospitality and a recognition that you want to be treated like an individual, not a room number.

Bespoke Hotels portfolio includes:

beloved: Hotels for lovers of great food, fine wine, gorgeous buildings and the one you're with.
befriend: Hotels for best friends and best practice; for family, business, celebrations and leisure pursuits.
being there: Don't leave it to chance when you're looking to spread your wings abroad. Being here is great, but being there is even better when it's bespoke international.
beInns: Our boutique hotels and inns collection.
beapart: Chic apartments collection.
becoming: Hotels under development which we are busy building.

Each of their recommended properties is tailored throughout to enhance its essential character and to meet the needs of each guests.

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